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    Graf i paint

    Odense Australian Football 2015

    The Lions have come to stay!

    Australian football in Odense has since its start in 2013 has been through an exciting development. The club has not only started a Men’s team, Odense lions, which participates in the Danish Australian Football League, DAFL, but also started Denmark’s first women’s team and a mixed- local league called, Fyns Australian Football league, FAFL. This impressive development I 2015 where more milestones were achieved and expectations were meet, is an assured sign of the sports roots being planted in this town.

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    posted: 16 Dec 15

    Coach wanted

    Search for new Coach

    - For the forward storming lions and lionesses in Odense

    Odense Lions & Lionesses is a club that is rapidly developing and has – after only three years – both a well-established men’s and women’s team with together more than 40 paying members. The players in the club have high ambitions and strive for becoming better and expanding their skill set continuously.

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    posted: 27 Oct 15


    Nordic Challenge 2015 and Viking Camp

    This week-end was eventful, not for Odense, but for the whole of DAFL: the men’s national team had a whole week-end training in Farum and joined the women’s national team in Sweden on Saturday for the Nordic Challenge.

    Odense Lions & Lionesses were very present, as the Danish Valkyries is not only mainly composed by Lionesses, but their national team coach is none other than our Daniel Petrolo! As for the Danish Vikings, 6 of our Lions were selected to participate this weekend!

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    posted: 21 Apr 15


    Last pre-season game and Try-out training

    The pre-season is now over for Odense Lions & Lionesses. The lions played a really satisfaying return game against Hamburg, eventho victory was theirs, and the club hosted a successful try-out training!

    The DAFL Premier League Round 1 was won by Farum Cats and NCPH Barracudas, and it is now very soon our turn to step in the competition, during Round 2. But before that, the awaited Nordic Challenge is coming!

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    posted: , last edited: 11 Nov 15


    First pre-season games on grass

    Our first outdoor games on grassfields this year, was the first of our two International Friendlies against Hamburg. They won on their homeground, and we are looking forward to return the favor on the 28th!

    The week after Hamburg, we played in Aalborg where we returned home with our first victory this year.

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    posted: 26 Mar 15 , last edited: 9 Apr 15


    New jumpers and pre-season games

    Thursday the 12th February, we received our well awaited new jumper!
    They were tested the very same week-end during an artificial game in Odense for the boys, and an indoor tournament in Copenhagen for the girls. They fit well enough and we now proudly sport our new colors!

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    posted: 20 Feb 15 , last edited: 9 Apr 15


    We’ll make 2015 to the year of the Lion!

    Odense Lions and Lionesses wish you all a happy new year 2015!
    By the end of January, we will be halfway through our winter training period, and we can already now tell you that it hasn’t been in vain; the lions and lionesses are all personally improving within their technique, strategy and physical condition, and together the teams are growing stronger and stronger. Talents are blooming, and will they bear fruit this year? Of that we are certain.

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    posted: 28 Dec 14 , last edited: 9 Apr 15